The Most Recent Advancements In Naturopathic Medicine

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Society’s Voice advocates for Naturopathic treatments for a variety of physical and mental disabilities.

It seems as though every day there is a new advancement in the world of medicine, whether that be pharmaceuticals or treatments. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes, let alone decide which avenue is right for you when it comes time to seek treatment. One field that is constantly evolving is naturopathic medicine. 

Here Are Some Of The Most Recent Advancements In This Area

  • Exercise positively influences your immune system. In a study of elderly adults, those who were more physically active had a stronger immune response to the flu vaccine. [1] This means that exercise can have a significant impact on your body’s ability to fight off disease and infections. If you are feeling under the weather, consider increasing your physical activity.
  • Treatment for depression and anxiety is improving as well. Researchers found that combining exercise with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is particularly effective at helping those suffering from mental health problems. [2] The researchers believe that the combination of CBT and exercise has a synergistic relationship, meaning that it works better together than it would on its own.
  • Bee venom (also called apitoxin) has recently been found to be an effective means of treating arthritis-related knee pain. Many people believe that bee stings are only painful, but it is the venom that has such a positive effect on arthritis pain. [3] Many people who have tried bee venom as an alternative to pharmaceuticals have been pleased with the results and would recommend it to others.
  • A study published in Health Psychology found that those suffering from sleep problems also had difficulty regulating their emotions and irritability. It is common knowledge that getting the proper amount of sleep is good for your health in many ways, but it seems as though there are additional benefits when you get a good night’s rest. If you are having trouble sleeping, make sure you are getting enough hours of sleep each night. Proper sleep has been proven to reduce irritability, strengthen your immune system and improve both memory and learning.
  • A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology examined physical activity as a means to “enhance executive function.” Executive function includes reasoning, problem-solving and ability to focus on a task at hand. The results showed that participants who engaged in more structured exercise had better overall executive function compared to those who did not follow specific guidelines for exercising.

The best thing you can do if you are having trouble focusing is start an exercise regimen. This will help your memory, thinking skills, stamina and mood all while keeping you healthy.

  • About 6% of people suffer from celiac disease, which means that they are unable to process gluten properly. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. If celiacs ingest gluten, it can have detrimental effects on the body. Gluten has been shown to damage the small intestines of those with this disease. That being said, many people are choosing to cut out gluten from their diet even if they do not have celiac disease.
  • A study published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences studied 30 celiac patients who were treated by a naturopathic doctor for constipation. Constipation is common among those suffering from celiac disease because of malabsorption of nutrients during digestion (since gluten damages the small intestines). The study concluded that supplementation with probiotics was an effective way to treat chronicipation without medication or surgery. 

If you suffer from constipation, celiac disease or malnutrition because of chronic diarrhea, consider taking probiotics. Probiotics help restore balance to your body and can improve overall health (and could even prevent other health problems like allergies, obesity and heart disease).

  • The most common treatment for ADHD is pharmaceutical medications such as Ritalin. While these are effective at helping many children focus in school, they have a host of negative side effects that are not often talked about. These drugs are classified as Schedule II drugs by the Drug Enforcement Administration. This means that they have a high potential for abuse and have the potential to create psychological dependence. It may be time to look into alternative treatments for ADHD instead of putting your child on a potentially dangerous medication.
  • An article published in The Open Neurology Journal explored the use of acupuncture as treatment for ADHD. A total of 17 adults with ADHD were studied over an eight-week period, and each subject received 10 acupuncture treatments during this time. After the study was completed, it was found that nearly 70% of participants experienced improvements on measures of adult attention and hyperactivity after receiving acupuncture therapy. It has been proven that those who suffer from ADHD do not have detectable levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in their brains and bodies. Acupuncture is believed to target dopamine receptors and allow patients to experience more focus and concentration – which can improve overall quality of life for those suffering from ADD or ADHD.

Those dealing with neurological conditions should consider acupuncture to treat their symptoms. Acupuncture is practiced by licensed professionals who are trained in this area, so it is important to choose the right person for you or your child. If you are having problems with focus, memory, attention or concentration, you need to look into giving acupuncture a try.

The field of naturopathic medicine is continuing to progress and grow. From the latest advancements in diagnosis all the way to treatments, there are many exciting developments happening every day. By investing in your health now, you can increase your quality of life for years to come! If you’re interested or curious about what this type of care offers, contact us today!

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Society’s Voice advocates for Naturopathic treatments for a variety of physical and mental disabilities.  Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care that emphasizes prevention and the self-healing process through the use of natural therapies. We know that the efficacy of naturopathic medicine dates back to the 1890s, and are heartened to see naturopathic medicine undergo a rapid increase in public interest in recent years as a result of the  growing consumer movement to solve the healthcare puzzle using prevention, wellness and respect for nature’s inherent healing ability.

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